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If youíve ended up at this page youíve probably Googled my name, or Iíve met you and have suggested you have a look at my website.

In which case youíre probably at least slightly interested in what I do, and, if youíve never met me - what I look like.

So thatís me on the left - or rather itís me about three years ago, but, trust me, I look even better now. Iím a pianist and guitarist, and if you click on the credits tab on the left youíll get a list of people Iíve worked with. Some you will have heard of, others are already forgotten, but Iíve tried to be reasonably comprehensive, and Iíve refrained from, for instance, including Sting on the list because my next-door neighbour once used the same plumber as him in Newcastle in the late 70s.

I have never worked with Sting.

Iíve also tried to include a few video and audio clips on the site so that you can hear me and see me in action (although on the you tube clips you may have to just take my word for it that itís me).

There are also some photos of tours (and other things) on the photos page. While the death of film has rather destroyed my interest in photography, I did used to be something of a fanatic, regularly bringing a bagful of SLRs and lenses with me on tour. I havenít updated this section since 2005 and have no plans to in the near future, but hopefully there maybe something of interest there to some people.

Contact me here if you wish. Or thereís more about ME below.

 Me, me, me, me!

A list of people Iíve worked with. Click Here >

A few audio and video examples of me at work Click Here >

Photos from pop tours I have been part of and personal galleries. Click Here >

Oh look - thereís another picture of me!

This site was last updated on 6th April 2010

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